Operating in Home Textile sector Daffodils Home® is one of the Pakistan’s newly leading brand offering value-added décor products to its consumer and assisting you in creating a dream home by carrying the new trends to your homes. Our main ambition is to provide our customers with uncompromised quality and modern products in return for your love for our brand. Based in the heart of textile center, Faisalabad, we always prefer to obtain high quality raw material and get the manufacturing done from highly skilled manpower. Before offering our products to customers, we always ensure the type, quality, size, and stitching standards.

Stylish bed linens, bedspreads, blankets, towels and bathrobes are among the wide product range of Daffodils Home®. Home textile designs of Daffodils Home® are offered in different concepts specially for each season. Among the Daffodils Home® products, there are accessories as well as textile products and especially the products that activate the sense of touch and meet the needs such as purification and relaxation, and bring the positive energy of naturalness to the houses.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to create diversity in Home Textile sector and achieve extraordinary customer-satisfaction. We do that by offering innovative and high-quality products, by continuously updating of our product line and by maintaining affordable prices, thereby we could excel in market in all terms.


Our Vision

To position as the most distinctive and widely preferred brand in domestic and international arena.”


Our Motto

“Every thread counts” 




Bed-Sheets, Fillings , Bath Items, & More